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Each organisation requires a high-quality information system and a team of qulified people to manage it.

Always complete and
updated safety data sheets

Hundreds of thousands of safety data sheets gathered in one place.

Easily accessible with multiple, different search options.

Updated and electronically registered by the supplier or us.

If you use chemical products, we can establish contact with all of your chemical suppliers and ensure that you always have current and checked safety datasheets. If you're a manufacturer or importer, we can provide you with safety datasheets for all your products, adapted to the CLP and your markets' local languages and regulations, and produce extended safety datasheets with information on exposure scenarios.

When we update safety datasheets, we do the work required to allow you, as a user of chemicals, to always have updated and correct safety datasheets. You also get access to our database with detailed information over a wide range of chemical products and substances that you can use to find alternative products. Currently, the database comprises more than 200,000 safety datasheets from over 10,000 suppliers.


As an employer, you are obliged to ensure that accurate and timely risk information is always available to all staff that use or handle chemical products. EU chemicals regulation REACH means that requirements have become even more stringent for those who use chemical products. As a downstream user, in addition to product characteristics, environmental impact and health risks, you must also be aware for which envisaged areas of use a product is approved.

Quality and Safety

All safety datasheets we provide you with undergo a standardised quality review process in connection with updating. Furthermore, we ensure that all relevant information about product characteristics are recorded and processed in such a way that all products can be summarised in various reports, checked against lists and used to create additional documents, such as labels and safety sheets, etc. Our safety datasheet department has daily contact with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide.

Enhanced checking

In an enhanced check, we also ensure that the supplier has classified the product in a correct way, e.g. using the correct safety phrases, risk phrases, safety symbols, etc. We also check that the issuer of the safety datasheet has followed the basic rules in place, taking into account the product's constituent substances. A more detailed inspection of safety datasheets can be carried out if necessary by our highly qualified professionals in areas such as chemistry, toxicology and law.

Our services within this area include:

  • Collecting, updating and basic control of safety datasheets from your suppliers.

  • Assessment of safety datasheet quality and the supplier.

  • Establish procedures for verification and updating,
    as well as notifying changes in safety datasheets or relevant restriction and authority lists.

  • Archiving of legacy safety datasheets.

  • Mapping of needs, project management and planning.

  • Interpretation and training in the part of law that affects you.

  • Reconciliation with important authority lists and laws, e.g. the Water Framework Directive,
    REACH, AFS 2000:4, KIFS, PRIO list, Restricted Substances Database and GHS, etc.

  • Reconciliation with your own lists, or lists within your industry,
    such as the automotive industry's own restriction lists.

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