Administration Extended safety data sheets Creation / Translation of safety datasheets Rule interpretation, labelling and classification

We can assist with the interpretation and evaluation of which rules are applicable specifically to your business. Furthermore, we help to identify the hazards that exist in certain substances and compounds, as well as with the labelling and classification of those substances and compounds.

Why GHS and CLP

The idea behind GHS and CLP is that they both enhance safety and facilitate trade in chemical products. In addition to labelling rules, GHS also sets out rules for safety datasheets.

Our services within this area include:

  • Classification in accordance with CLP.

  • Import/export support for adaptations between different countries' regulatory systems.

  • Adjustments to safety datasheets in accordance with CLP.

  • Interpretation of CLP / GHS for individual businesses.

  • New pictograms.

  • Customised training.

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