We can assist with both the translation of existing and creation of new safety datasheets into some 50 different languages. During translation, all safety datasheets undergo a standardised quality review process. This includes, for example, safety phrase checks, safety symbol checks and checks to ensure that the basic rules in respect of the description of the product’s classification have been followed.
The safety datasheet department has extensive experience drawn from legislative authorities, and we work in highly developed systems for classification, batching and phrase management.

We currently have access to a reference library of hundreds of thousands of safety datasheets from a variety of manufacturers in various industries, which allow us to produce high quality datasheets at a relatively low per item cost.

Our services within this area include:
  • Mapping of needs, project management and planning.
  • The creation of new safety datasheets, from data collection to the production of the documentation itself.
  • Interpretation and training in the part of law that affects you.
  • Translation of safety datasheets from and to over 50 different languages.
  • Adaptation to the desired market
  • Interpretation of CLP / GHS for individual business
  • GHS classification and labeling