The terms of the REACH Directive require that users are supplied with “extended safety datasheets”, or eSDSs. In simple terms, extended safety datasheets set out the exposure scenario for a product – a presentation of the use of the product or substance throughout the life cycle, from manufacture to waste.
We assist in all aspects of production, from initial assessment of business needs to providing support during exposure assessments and the creation of the extended safety datasheets. In addition, the safety datasheet should also include information such as substance’s exposure threshold values, its function and the physical-chemical information required for the implementation of exposure assessments.
Our services within this area include:
  • Collecting, updating and conducting basic checks of extended safety datasheets.
  • Production of exposure assessments and exposure scenarios.
  • Mapping of needs, project management and planning.
  • Interpretation and training in the part of law that affects you.
  • Mergers of extended safety datasheets for compounds.
  • Creation of new safety datasheets for new formulations.